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Axess-NOC can be installed in many configurations from a single machine, to a full redundant system giving you scalability to meet or exceed your uptime requirements.

The Power of SQL

Axess-NOC leverages Microsoft SQL Server for system, data warehousing of logs and remote system data. These and other background operations are performed by Axess-NOC's sister application StcBase.

Automatic Backup of Remote Sites

StcBase performs background tasks like synchronization of Database settings, for local offsite backups, to remote site Log gathering then used by rOVIng and OverSite clients for reporting purposes.
Axess-NOC Device Server

Axess-NOC Device Server

Axess-NOC Client Server

Axess-NOC Client Server

You will need to provide a system meeting or exceeding the following requirements to install and operate Axess-NOC

  • Intel i5/quad core Xeon 2Ghz or better processor
  • 6 gigabytes of Memory or better
  • 120GB Hard Disk Drive
  • Windows Server 2012 R2 or Windows 8.1 Pro 32/64bit
  • Video Card and Monitor with a minimum resolution of 1280 x 1024
  • Sound Card for audible alerts

SuiteLife Systems can also supply Axess-NOC pre-installed on DELL server class hardware ready to use out of the box.

Multi-Site Telecommunications

Multi-Site Telecommunications

Download  Axess-NOC Product Sheet – 721.1 KB

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Axess-NOC is a network-based suite of application providing overall management of large multi-site remote systems, deployed either on Regional, National or Global scales.

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