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The Suitelife Systems Axess software and suite of products are designed to automate operations and control and monitor all devices and systems across the network.

Axess is configured to monitor mission critical paths within the studio and distribution network to ensure reliable management and transmission of content.

With Axess unique design, remote servers are linked together to share data points throughout the network and ensure equipment essential to content work flows stay active.

Axess provides rules based filtering to identify problems when they occur and swiftly resolves issues in real time.

Axess also provides analytic information for trending analysis to prevent critical equipment down time. Logical visual overlays were developed so that operators have visual references for signal flow or equipment locations.

Broadcast Network Monitoring

Broadcast Network Monitoring

Axess Studio Management is a networked based solution monitoring the functional health of multiple complex systems using solution-specific management control layers. Axess aggregates data from all connected systems and components to a single screen for operations or engineering for quick identification of the fault occurrence.

This overarching Studio Management System is a manager of managers interfacing with your technology and facility via varying protocols such as SNMP, TCP IP, and serial, MODBUS or WMI agents. The system features programmable alarm management with rules-based filtering, which is based on monitoring by exception principles to allow quick, effective determination of the root cause of a technical failure. A visual interface integrated with the data filtered through root-cause management allows lesser skilled resources to be on the front line of fault management.

The result is an environment of technical monitoring where operators have an elevated knowledge of the technical facility by virtue of the graphic based OVI (operator visual interface) screens. The location, the device and the nature of the problem are identified and in some cases solved by operations, allowing engineering more time to focus on the core business concerns such as news / program production or project based initiatives.

Studio Management

Studio Management

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