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Customer Example: Centralized Monitoring

A large station group owner with 50+ markets was looking for some best practices and capabilities for an organization-wide centralized monitoring solution. Given the unique challenges of this type of environment, deploying a unified monitoring system is an effective method for ensuring the integrity of multiple broadcast services. With an engineering knowledge base that was nearing retirement, IT-centric skills becoming more applicable, and several other staff-related trends affecting the broadcaster, it was clear that a centralized monitoring system would be critical for them.

With this customer, we designed a system to offer standardized views of transmitter sites and developed a set of monitoring templates to address all the critical items that required regular monitoring – across the broadcaster’s entire enterprise and markets. A core goal was to allow them to proactively monitor and the ability to react to any issues from a centralized location and application rather than requiring 24/7 on-site support. When resources and team members get pulled in other directions, centralized monitoring also provides a piece of mind as it offers constant system supervision. If there is a need for a system to be supervised, then management, monitoring, and control (MMC) have a place in the application.

This client was also aware that as more devices and access points are added, monitoring their performance becomes increasingly challenging. Some of the key takeaways for our customer on this project included:

  • Ease of use – when adding elements, changing permissions, or upgrading they only needed to do this once.
  • Early detection – optimized network and facility monitoring help them run their business more effectively and address issues early on.
  • Better predictions – centralized visibility helps them predict how certain actions can impact performance.

Customer Example: Regional Radio Broadcaster

A Southern-based regional radio broadcaster is now using our Axess suite – a software-based management application suite that communicates with devices, remote sites, and networks. They required a comprehensive remote site management solution to monitor and control their transmitter sites. Dead air is not an option (except for dramatic effects perhaps), so monitoring and controlling the many operating parameters within a broadcast transmitter is a necessity.

They opted for an Axess system at their studio site, with each remote transmitter site tied into the network. The customer also installed our GPX-32 interfaces, providing them with universal and cost-effective flexibility to connect a wide range of devices and convert GPI/O channels into ethernet data streams for the Axess software to process. The beauty of Axess is that it serves as a central tool – allowing the broadcasters to monitor multiple devices and interfaces from a single platform. For even greater efficiency, the customers can view all sites from a single screen.

Customer Example: Statewide Monitoring and Network Control

Building a more engaged audience is a key goal for many broadcasters, which was certainly the case for this Western state broadcaster. To do this, a broadcaster must be able to detect issues in their programming transmission from any site at any time and do it remotely. As an existing customer, they had previously implemented our Axess system at their main studio and transmitter site. They were now looking for a way to control and monitor broadcast signals from an additional studio, and new transmitter and translator sites.

Since these new sites were especially remote from their main physical location, extensive weather monitoring, building environment monitoring, and HVAC monitoring and control features were implemented in addition to standard broadcast equipment monitoring. They also had a requirement to monitor 8VSB RF modulation streams from all the locations and we accomplished this by converting 8VSB streams into SRT streams for monitoring.

In fact, a single engineering technician is managing all of this remote monitoring from his home-base studio location and has the ability to build their own screen views, which has proven extremely useful for monitoring multiple sites and parameters.

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