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Versatile and Rack-Mountable.

The GPX-32 is a universal interface designed to support 32 parallel channels of analog, status (via opto-isolated) and control (via relay contacts) per unit. The GPX-32 translates the General Purpose Input and Output (“GPI/GPO”) channels into TCP/Ethernet data streams for processing by the Axess software. Any number of GPX-32 units can be deployed with a single Axess system allowing for almost unlimited GPIO expandability. As the GPX-32 is connected via Ethernet it can be installed either locally or remotely to the host Axess system for flexible deployment. The GPX-32 is a “passive” device, which means it simply relays information from devices (e.g., temperature sensors, door alarms and light switches). The GPX-32 includes built-in temperature/humidity, mains and DC voltage monitoring with both 110/240AC and 20-60VDC operation possible.


GPX-32 Functional

Punch Down Panel Interface

The PDP or Punch Down Panel, is used to facilitate connection of passive peripheral equipment to the GPX-32 interface. The unit is comprised of 4 cables, 2 x SCSI 50pin and 2 x SCSI 68pin, which interconnect between the GPX-32 and the wiring interface. The PDP has PCB mounted 110 blocks, SCSI connectors and jumpers. The PCB is mounted on a 2RU metal frame to allow for easy mounting in a standard 19" EIA rack.


Site Monitoring Solutions

The SuiteLife Systems innovative 1RU software embedded GPX-Pro integration platform has been designed by broadcast experts from the bottom up as a flexible monitoring and control solution which is economically viable for small individual and or wide scale network edge remote sites.Powered by the SuiteLife Systems proprietary SLS Web Controls embedded software, the GPX-Pro product line is fully compatible with the industry leading SuiteLife Systems Axess software and monitoring platform.The GPX-Pro and GPX 8 Pro model sizes are determined by your intelligent devices, energy management and environmental sensor integration requirements.Specialized GPX-Pro IoT units are functional as a standalone site management tool with complete programmable control and notifications via web application or networkable reporting to a centralized NOC or hub.The GPX-Pro and related technologies are backed by 20+ years of successful broadcast software monitoring experience and dependability, built to perform with the same precise calibration, control and data aggregation leading broadcasters trust.A selection of GPX-Pro solutions economically streamline the integration of smaller monitoring operations with legacy and incumbent systems used for meshing Repack initiatives and emerging cloud centric operating strategies.


Power Supply
110-220VAC, 50/60Hz via standard IEC plug

Power Supply Specifications
• Input Voltage: 100 ~ 240VAC
• Input Frequency: 47 ~ 63Hz
• Input Current: 0.8A ~ 0.5A
+/-48VDC input (external battery or solar array) in the event of conventional power failure. Input via 2 position Molex connector.

DC to DC Converter Specifications
• Input Voltage: 20VDC – 60VDC
• 1500V isolation
• Mating Connector: Molex Part No. 39-01-2020
• Crimp Pin: Molex Part No. 39-00-0039 #18-24AWG

Operating Temperature
-30°C to +45°C (-22°F to 133°F)

10% to 90% RH (non-condensing)

Mechanical Dimensions
19″W X 1.75″H (1U) X 10.5”D, Standard EIA Rack Mounting

Onboard Temperature Sensor
Operating Range: -30°C to +80°C

Onboard Humidity Sensor
10% to 95% RH

Onboard Voltage Monitoring
AC Mains Voltage
DC Bus Voltage

Status Indication
Data – Illuminates with the arrival of incoming host data.
Error – CRC Communication Error or any general error condition.
Power – DC Bus Power Good.

Network Interface
Ethernet 10Base-T or 100Base-TX (Auto-Sensing)
Connector – RJ45
Indicators (LED)
• 10Base-T/100Base-TX connection
• Link and activity indicator – Full/half duplex

Digital I/O

Opto-Isolated Inputs
• Number of Inputs: 32 Total
• I/O Connector: 0.050″ 68 Pin SCSI Connector
• Input Voltage Range: +5VDC to +30VDC Non-Polarized Anode and Cathode available on isolated pins

Analog Inputs
• Number of Inputs: 32 Balanced Differential
• I/O Connector: 0.050″ 68 Pin SCSI Connector
• Input Voltage Range: +/-5VDC and +/-15VDC, selectable in 4 banks of 8=
• Input Modes:
1. Differential – Both AIN+ and AIN- inputs driven within voltage range however neither signal falls below a common or ground reference. The difference in the 2signals is amplified across the full scale input of the ADC.
2. Bipolar – AIN+ input driven within voltage range above and below AIN- while it is held at fixed reference. The signal is amplified across the full scale input of the ADC.
3. Unipolar – AIN+ input driven within voltage range while AIN- is held at a fixed reference. The signal is amplifi ed across ½ full scale of the ADC.
• Input Impedance: Minimum 100K
• ADC: 16 bit, 200Ksps, +/-2LSB INL, accurate to within +/-5% of input voltage

Relay Outputs
• Number of Outputs: 32 Total
• I/O Connector: 2 X 0.050″ 50 Pin SCSI Connector
• Contact Rating: 1A @ 30VDC
• Maximum Switching Power: 30W
• Maximum Switching Voltage: 60VDC
• Maximum Switching Current: 1A

GPX-32 Connections to PDP

GPX-32 Connections to PDP

PDP Connections to GPIO

PDP Connections to GPIO

Download  GPX-32 Product Sheet – 810.6 KB

Download  GPX-32 Setup Guide – 703.2 KB

Download  PDP Setup Guide – 281.0 KB

Download  Lantronics Device Installer – 95.4 MB

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GPX-32 and PDP

The GPX-32 is a universal interface designed to support 32 parallel channels of analog, status (via opto-isolated) and control (via relay contacts) per unit.

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