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Network vulnerability and resilience vary greatly across our industry. We’re now so connected – sharing data with hundreds of partners, vendors, and customers. We see attackers perpetrating third-party and supply chain breaches, exploiting weak security controls, and infiltrating an organization’s entire ecosystem. Our hectic work environment demands that we deliver quick and proficient results and solutions, perhaps leaving some vulnerable. Remote working and distributed enterprises have also introduced a new set of cybersecurity challenges – especially if the team is more exposed due to less secure networks and devices. The loss of intellectual property, financial losses, personal data losses, as well as the overall massive disruption that network security breaches can cause is a growing scourge.

At SuiteLife Systems, we approach network security as a business priority and serve our customers with a consultative and advisory approach. In our software development and customer support services, we address many elements of network security including behavioural analytics, application security, wireless security, virtual private networks, access control, visibility management, firewalls, incident response, and more. Legacy networking security architecture is outdated, and we look to the requirements that security needs to be distributed throughout all endpoints of a network. Our defence against security breaches takes on an in-depth approach, first thinking about prevention. It’s also about helping our customers gain greater visibility and insights to investigate and remediate cyber threats.

The critical infrastructures in broadcast and telco networks that we’re supporting are connecting businesses, governments, and consumers to the digital world, and as the complexity and reachability of networks grow, so will the security risks. We are seeing a growing threat surface, more and more interconnected networks, legacy technology, and a lack of awareness. And with all that said, we also know that a great strategy requires great execution. I welcome your thoughts and comments as we navigate the landscape together to ensure we are securing our network environments.

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